Erasmus Library ORCID Promotional Toolkit

Posted on 13.12.2021 - 11:45 by Suraya Farah Gaeta
The Erasmus Library ORCID promotional toolkit provides researcher support services within faculties, institutes and graduate schools, with access to a collection of quality resources to disseminate the benefits of ORCID and encourage sign-up.

With the ORCID promotional toolkit, the Erasmus Library ORCID team also aims to bring attention to our support services via email, individual appointment, and hands-on workshops.

If you want us to create faculty-specific infographics, guidance, best practice documents, slides and/or presentations, please contact us on


Farah Gaeta, Suraya; Dummer, Josien; Nadimi, Mutaleni; Gulpers, Judith; van der Linden, Lilian (2021): Erasmus Library ORCID Promotional Toolkit. Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). Collection.
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