ERIM October DataFest

Posted on 16.03.2022 - 15:54 authored by Lizette Guzman Ramirez

ERIM October DataFest

A month-long ERIM will campaign for open data and the use of the EUR Data Repository (EDR). Organized by the EUR Library and ERIM Data team, this month falls in line with ERIM’s Open Science initiative - geared towards making our scientific routines more open and engaged with our scholarly and societal stakeholders.

Throughout the month, open data and its significance will be embedded in a multitude of online and offline data sessions. Topics that will be addressed include: journals perspective on open data, incentives of opening your data, a myth-busting session on open data, and a hands-on session on how to deposit your data in the EDR.


ERIM; Guzman Ramirez, Lizette (2021): ERIM October DataFest. Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). Collection.
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