Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)

Tim Benning


  • Preferences for potential innovations in non-invasive colorectal cancer screening: A labeled discrete choice experiment for a Dutch screening campaign
  • The impact of health vs. non-health goals on individuals' lifestyle program choices: A discrete choice experiment approach
  • Exploring Outcomes to Consider in Economic Evaluations of Health Promotion Programs: What Broader Non-Health Outcomes Matter Most?
  • The effect of presenting information about invasive follow-up testing on individuals' noninvasive colorectal cancer screening participation decision: Results from a discrete choice experiment
  • Combining individual-level discrete choice experiment estimates and costs to inform health care management decisions about customized care: The case of follow-up strategies after breast cancer treatment
  • Consumers' evaluation of allocation policies for scarce health care services: Vested interest activation trumps spatial and temporal distance
  • Paying more for faster care? Individuals' attitude toward price-based priority access in health care

Tim Benning's public data