Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)

Manja Vollmann

Assistant Professor of Health Psychology (Health psychology)

Rotterdam, NL


  • The Role of Risk Perception in Students’ COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake: A Longitudinal Study
  • Clinical leaders crossing boundaries: A study on the role of clinical leadership in crossing boundaries between specialties
  • Peer relationships buffer the negative association of online education with education satisfaction and subsequently with study engagement among undergraduate medical students
  • Social support as mediator of the stress buffering effect of optimism: The importance of differentiating the recipients' and providers' perspective
  • Better liked but not more supported: Optimism and social support from a provider's perspective
  • PERSOC: A unified framework for understanding the dynamic interplay of personality and social relationships
  • The spirited, the observant, and the disheartened: social concepts of optimism, realism, and pessimism.
  • Optimism and social support: The providers' perspective
  • Close relationship and chronic illness: The interrelations between illness perceptions and social support
  • Risk perception of COVID-19 and vaccine uptake among university students in the Netherlands
  • How effective is a short CSM-based online intervention on intended flu prevention behaviour?
  • Study-related experiences of university students in the Netherlands during emergency remote teaching in the context of COVID-19
  • Peer relations buffer the negative effects of forced online education in medical students
  • Towards New Horizons
  • Understanding Relations Between Intolerance of Uncertainty, Social Anxiety, and Body Dissatisfaction in Women
  • Effects of a brief multimodal online intervention on the intention to conduct sun protective behaviours through targeting illness representations about skin cancer: a randomized controlled trial
  • Study-related wellbeing, behavior, and attitudes of university students in the Netherlands during emergency remote teaching in the context of COVID-19: A longitudinal study
  • Young women’s sexual satisfaction in danger: the significance of thin-ideal internalization, positive body image, and appearance-related self-consciousness during physical intimacy
  • “What I thought was so important isn’t really that important”: international perspectives on making meaning during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Stresses of COVID-19 and Expectations for the Future Among Women: A Cross Cultural Analysis According to the Femininity/Masculinity Dimension
  • Empathic nurses with sufficient job resources are work‐engaged professionals who deliver more individualized care
  • Relationships between body image, sexual satisfaction, and relationship quality in romantic couples.
  • Negative Body Attitudes and Sexual Dissatisfaction in Men: The Mediating Role of Body Self-Consciousness During Physical Intimacy.
  • Illness Perceptions and Outcomes in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Is Coping a Mediator?
  • Coping mediates the influence of personality on life satisfaction in patients with rheumatic diseases.
  • Illness representations as mediators of the relationship between dispositional optimism and depression in patients with chronic tinnitus: a cross-sectional study.
  • When the ringing in the ears gets unbearable: Illness representations, self-instructions and adjustment to tinnitus.
  • What is setting the stage for abdominal obesity reduction? A comparison between personality and health-related social cognitions.
  • Illness representations of depression and perceptions of the helpfulness of social support: comparing depressed and never-depressed persons.
  • Illness Perceptions and Quality of Life in Patients with Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer: A 3-Month Follow-Up Pilot Study.
  • Relationships between transgender congruence, gender identity rumination, and self-esteem in transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals.
  • Adult attachment and relationship satisfaction: The mediating role of gratitude toward the partner
  • Unterschiedliche Wertschätzung, aber gleiche Unterstützungsbereitschaft
  • Selbstwertgefühl und ärgerbezogenes Verhalten
  • Study delay during emergency remote teaching among students at Dutch universities: the role of students’ education satisfaction and academic wellbeing
  • To Get Vaccinated, or Not to Get Vaccinated, That Is the Question: Illness Representations about COVID-19 and Perceptions about COVID-19 Vaccination as Predictors of COVID-19 Vaccination Willingness among Young Adults in The Netherlands
  • Study demands and resources affect academic well‐being and life satisfaction of undergraduate medical students in the Netherlands
  • Study demands and resources affect academic well-being and life satisfaction of undergraduate medical students in the Netherlands

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