Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)

Dirk Deichmann


  • Ideas with impact: How connectivity shapes idea diffusion
  • Talk, talk, talk: exploring idea conversations and the micro-level foundations of knowledge sharing for innovation
  • Connecting with active people matters: The influence of an online community on physical activity behavior
  • Knowledge sharing in two cultures: the moderating effect of national culture on perceived knowledge quality in online communities
  • Clean cooking interventions: Towards user-centred contexts of use design
  • Leveraging transformational and transactional leadership to cultivate the generation of organization-focused ideas
  • I can do that alone…or not? How idea generators juggle between the pros and cons of teamwork
  • Irrational resistance or irrational support? Performance effects of project leader status
  • Rising from failure and learning from success: The role of past experience in radical initiative taking
  • Exploring ideation: Knowledge development in science through the lens of semantic and social networks
  • Great Successes and Great Failures: The Impact of Project Leader Status on Project Performance and Performance Extremeness

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