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Daily deaths across Italian municipalities in 2020 in excess with respect to 2015-2019

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We calculate excess mortality, i.e., attributable to Covid-19, across all (7,272) Italian municipalities using death registry data (see References) by deducting from a municipality's (daily) number of deaths the average number of deaths over the previous five years in the same municipality, using an evenly-spaced-around window of seven days. The date ("GE" column) is in "mmdd" format, while the municipality code ("codice_comune" column) follows standard ISTAT codes. The sample period runs from February to April 2020, and excludes municipalities that were never hit by the Covid-19 disease within the first four months of 2020, i.e. cumulative mortality rate among residents of a municipality did not reach a threshold of 100 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.