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A brief history of China's livestreaming industry (appendix)

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posted on 2023-09-28, 08:06 authored by Zhen YeZhen Ye

This item contains a list of different policy and industry documents that were used in Ye (2023). A Brief History of China’s Livestreaming Industry: Evolution Along with State-Business Interactions. Journal of Digital Media & Policy.

In contemporary China, livestreaming is one of the most popular communication technologies, continuously shaping the digital media landscape. In order to trace the evolution of China’s livestreaming industry, this study first situates it in the broader context of China’s digital economy and highlights how state–business interactions influence the development of China’s digital economy. This research then examines the development trajectory of China’s livestreaming industry from 2016 to 2022 by analysing regulatory and business documents. Three key phases for the development of China’s livestreaming industry are identified in the analysis. By doing so, this research reveals the complex and contingent dynamics between state and business in China’s livestreaming industry and how this industry has evolved into a complex and intricate cultural and commercial sector jointly regulated by industrial stakeholders and state regulators.