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First Global Responsible Research Summit 30 June 2019 - 1 July 2019; Toward a Responsible and Sustainable Research Ecosystem in Business and Management

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posted on 2019-11-29, 13:03 authored by Wilfred MijnhardtWilfred Mijnhardt
This two-day conference was put together by an organising committee chaired by Prof. Anne Tsui from Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame in the USA, and RSM’s Prof. Pursey Heugens and Wilfred Mijnhardt. The summit was organised in co-operation with the Responsible Research in Business and Management organisation (RRBM), and was sponsored by the global accreditation agencies AACSB, EFMD and the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM). RRBM is dedicated to inspiring, encouraging, and supporting credible and useful research in the business and management disciplines. The RRBM movement started through RRBM in 2015, when 30 global scholars published a vision 2030 white paper to start the transition. During RRS19, it was decided to make this an annual event to bring together leaders from the research ecosystem, senior scholars, deans, journal editors, university leaders, association leaders and accreditation agencies to debate impactful and responsible research in business and management.

The Summit concluded with a brainstorming session: what immediate actions would create a culture of responsible and impactful research? Workgroups discussed incentives for researchers, building criteria for rigor and relevance in journal articles, creating multi-media supplements for articles to underline real-world applicability, and even exploring the possibility of creating a responsibility-focused accreditation body. The working groups identified specific, concrete actions that each delegate can use to achieve wins in their own individual spheres of influence.

The next Responsible Research Summit, to be held in June 2020 at Imperial College, London, will focus on external stakeholders of the research ecosystem, such as funders and business and society representatives, a critical and necessary step in realising RRBM’s Vision 2030 – when societal relevance will be a defining feature of business research.







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