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“You really got me” Development and future of historical databases with microdata [Valedictory speech Prof. K. Mandemakers]

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posted on 2023-05-29, 09:55 authored by Kees MandemakersKees Mandemakers

Farewell speech in which first a brief picture is given of the enormous development that historical databases of microdata have gone through during the past fifty years. Then I outline the conditions for an ideal infrastructure in which both research and further development of these databases will thrive. In case of genealogies historical microdata can be dated more than thousand years ago, but in practice databases with historical microdata do not start before 1600 and most only after 1800.


Mandemakers, K. (2023, January 20). “You really got me”. Ontwikkeling en toekomst van historische databestanden met microdata [Development and future of historical databases with microdata] (Valedictory speech). Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands